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Jacks Hatch House | Epping Green |

Located in the rural village of Epping Green, this 5 bedroom house is surrounded by the beautiful essex countryside. The building is clad in timber panels, with a white ballustrade framing an outdoor porch. The interiors are designed with flexible and comtemporary finishes, contrasting the traditional exterior. A ‘T-shaped’ feature staircase splits two sides of the first floor. A substantial open-plan kitchen offers everyday family living and dining space with a custom built furnishings and contrasting black granite worktops separated by an island unit which also doubles up as a breakfast bar.

As for the location, Epping Green, borders the outskirts of Harlow. Although it has grown substantially in recent years, Epping Green still retains it’s rustic charm , with a traditional village pond and church as key features within the community.

Project GDV £ 3.0 million